Family Church is starting a Blog, but what is it and why start one?

bläɡ/ noun
A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.”

Family Church is always growing and changing. We are going to be bringing you a weekly blog to help you keep growing in your understanding of some of those changes and to celebrate some of what God is doing, and hopefully to help you mature in your walk with Christ.

Why do we need this since we have a weekly program and a visual newsletter called the Pulse? Glad you asked. We have some new people who have come on staff this year. We will let them introduce themselves by telling parts of their story and what they are looking forward to. I am going to be doing a series over the next several weeks on the core values of the Church and why they are important. Many of you may not even really know what they are. Pastor Ed will be writing about future church direction and some of the big picture issues we are working on. Pastor Craig will give us some stories of what is happening with our missionaries. You will get to know them one at a time with information about what is going on in their lives right now. Plus, we will discuss some other topics that you will hopefully find helpful as well.

From time to time, we will weigh in on some relevant subjects that people are wrestling with or have questions about. Part of the fun and function of a blog is that you can post responses or ask follow-up questions. It is really about connection and interaction. We will have a link from the website, or you can just log onto the blog directly.

One of the big advantages of a blog is, unlike a paper program you throw away, you can scroll back a few weeks to find a topic of interest. You can also ask a question you would like to see the staff weigh in on. We don’t promise to address every issue, but will take them under consideration.

We hope you will enjoy and use this new avenue of communication and connection.