Values are the underlying motive for why we do things. It is easy to give lip service to things we say are important, but someone watching our life would observe that it rarely shows. Our second core value is LIFE CHANGE.

How Change Takes Place
Most of us have an uneasy relationship with change in general. We like it if it is our idea, but usually resist other people trying to bring changes into our world. This core value is targeted from the general conviction that if Christ is in our lives, and we are responding to Him, there will be a continual process in which we move from selfish, sin-trapped people to Christ-centered, loving and holy people (Ephesians 1:17-20). This sounds great, but is sometimes very painful in the daily process.

It is easy to gather intellectual information about the Bible, and to be conformed to the expectations of the church family you are a part of, but the kind of Life Change we refer to here is deeper, more lasting and powered by the Holy Spirit in us. It begins with our way of seeing the world. Often the way we look at things is so close to us that we can’t even describe it. When God works to bring change in us, He challenges the way we see things. For most of us, our natural inclination is to look at situations for personal comfort and advantage. We want to be admired, even if we have done nothing admirable, we want to get our way, even if it isn’t best. God challenges this paralysis in several ways. Sometimes it is a direct challenge from the Bible or the Church service. Often it is a difficult problem with a person or a situation. Our complacency is shaken, the things or people we trust are removed and we have to make a choice. If we run to God in these moments, He begins to work the deeper change in us. When we run away, we remain in our rut.

Providing Opportunities
As a church we are committed to continue providing insightful learning opportunities to help all of us see God more clearly and become like him in our families, church and community. We can’t make you change, but we can provide support and challenge to help you change. Two things always characterize the kind of change God is working on: loving God more and loving people better. God challenges us to love people who have hurt us, to find unity with people not like us, to serve when we get nothing out of it and to seek to know Him better every day. All of these changes tend to be “against the grain” and the progress is often up and down. We need to be gracious with each other as we experience trusting God in any and every situation (Colossians 3:13-14).

Life change that is observable is clear evidence that God is at work.  Part of our joy is to reflect the good changes we see in each other and encourage each other through the tough times.