Looking at the invite card in my hand, I contemplate how to pop the question. “Would you be interested in joining me at Church on Easter?” or maybe, “I’d like to invite you to our Easter service, here’s a card with all the info.” What will they say? I wonder how they will respond. What if the answer is “no?”

Reggie was a friend who needed Jesus. I became aware of Reggie’s spiritual need because God was answering my prayer. I became troubled how calloused I had become with no burden for people without Jesus. “God,” I began to pray, “break my heart for those who do not know you.” Soon, I began seeing people in spiritual need. I’m not sure why, but something drew me to Reggie and I began praying for him. Every night as I laid my head on the pillow I would pray this simple prayer, “God, please soften Reggie’s heart to be open to the gospel, and make me aware of opportunities to share the ‘Good News’ with Reggie.” Night after night I would pray, and each day I would look for opportunities. One day, with courage, I began a spiritual conversation. I was amazed how quickly an opportunity arose, but most of all, I was surprised how open Reggie was to spiritual things. Before long, Reggie was taking spiritual steps.

In the church today, it’s disappointing how few of those who say they are followers of Jesus have ever experienced the joy of sharing Jesus with a friend. Many have never experienced God using them to help someone take spiritual steps. If you’re one of the few who share your faith, I don’t have to tell you how awesome it is to engage in conversations like this. At Family Church, we are making changes to increase spiritual conversations by those who are followers of Jesus. We have clarified what it means to be a Christ follower with a simple definition of a disciple.

“A disciple is someone who is following Jesus, is being changed by Jesus, and is on mission with Jesus.”

There are three parts to being a disciple of Jesus. The first two parts focus on following and changing. I follow Jesus by doing what he asks of me, and as I surrender, God changes me. Following Jesus in such a way that leads to transformation is a faith journey. But if we miss the third part, we miss our purpose. The “mission” is others! To be on mission is when we step out of our comfort zone to reach out to someone who does not know Jesus.

Easter is a wonderful time to engage in the mission. He’s a simple strategy.

1) Pray daily for a friend who does not know Jesus and does not attend church.

2) Pray for God to prepare them for the “Good News” about Jesus.

3) Invite them to attend worship service with you on Easter. We have created an Invite Card with the service times especially for you to hand out to a friend.

You’ll be amazed how open people are to an invitation from you, especially if you are consistently praying for them. When you experience God using you to help someone take a spiritual step, you will discover there’s nothing better! Who are you praying for this Easter?