A few times a year at Family Church the Women’s Ministry puts together events we call Gatherings. As the name suggests it is a time for women to gather together. Togetherness is the first purpose of these events, in more traditional terms we call this ‘fellowship’. Add some good food and touch of fun to this first component and you have the beginning of a nice evening. Food, fellowship, and fun – these are the ingredients to an environment where people want to be, where hopefully they feel comfortable to just hang out.

When everything comes together this is more than just a nice evening, it is fertile soil where something good can grow – maybe through a new relationship or inspiration from a message shared. At the center of these nights there is sharing of a story or a message, sometimes a time of worship or music as well, that brings the focus back to a greater purpose we are committed to in everything at Family Church – making disciples who make disciples.

The reality of these nights and efforts to reach women and help them grow is so much more complex and unpacked than this. Like a garden, it is an organic process that we can only do our very best to prepare and care for and trust the supernatural power of the creator to do the rest. We can’t make a flower grow and we can’t make a woman respond to where God is leading her heart, but we can care for them both and nurture them with nutrients, the truth, and the need to grow and offer the very best environment we can to keep them thriving.

When it comes to the journey of any person, time in a large group is only a small part of where this journey and growth happens, but it is valuable.  I look at our Spring Gathering this year and I see the full picture of this circle of life in one place. Women who have been nurtured and loved, who have blossomed in who God created them to be, putting their energy into making this gathering possible, They were internally motivated and passionate to make this a place for other women to feel loved. Women who are thriving in their understanding of God’s love for them shared their stories and planted the seeds of hope and truth for others to intake. I consider these women to be in full bloom and giving back to the garden where they grew. Planting new seeds, offering sustenance to the blossoms around them.

This is the hope for our women’s gatherings but more so for every part of our family of believers. That each would be growing in the knowledge and truth of Jesus Christ and tilling the soil for another to grow.

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen. – (2 Peter 3:18)

The beauty of this is the power and love of God that fuels this whole process of growth is available at any moment you choose to seek and believe His truth. Let the emerging sunshine of this spring season be a reminder to choose His love for you and bloom wherever you may be planted.

Crystal Cunningham-Blog