Be still and know that I am God, I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted on earth.
– Psalm 46:10

I have always loved this verse, but recently I’ve come to a better understanding of it.   I was thinking of placing this verse in my counseling office when I realized “Be Still” is the opposite of what I always share with people.  Anyone who has spent time with me knows my motto is “Keep Moving,” in other words don’t get stuck.  However, after some time studying this verse I realized that the command to “Be still” was a command to stop fighting and to lay their weapons down.  It was a reminder to wait on the Lord, without fear, to be calm, to not tremble but to KNOW (believe) that their God is the Almighty-the only true God.  They were being reminded to live like they believed it.  You see this verse is in the context of battle.

Although we may not be in the midst of a literal war, I’m concerned that many within our own church walls are fighting a battle of anxiety.  Anxiety is brought on when we are fighting our own battles; battling for control in our lives.  I believe God is calling us to stop fighting, cease striving, drop the frantic activity and acknowledge that He is God.  The “Be still” also implies to be silent.  I don’t know about you, but my words can definitely lead me to a place of anxiety, or when I hear my words, they can be a red flag that I am living in anxiousness, not trust.  God calls us to live in quiet calm with a mind trusting in His divine power and presence.  We need to learn to see, truly see our God, not our problems, and in the midst of the battle, I believe many lose sight of Him.  When we allow ourselves to be still and truly see God then we see that He is:

Omniscient – All Knowing, Omnipresent – All Powerful, Omnipotent – present everywhere, Holy, Sovereign, Faithful, Infinite and Good.

When we see Him and acknowledge that He is God, then we can believe Him for who He is, then we are able to surrender our ways and trust in Him.  Do you need to lay your own weapons down?  Do you stop the battle of striving and controlling?  Be Still.  Then you can move in His ways and be free from the battle of anxiety.  The battle for control.   When we lay down the battles and Be Still we will find peace even in the midst of battle because He has already won. We need to stop battling for victory and start battling from victory.

Are you living like you truly believe your God is the Almighty-the one true God?  Rest in Him.  He is our refuge, our strength, our ever present help in trouble and He is exalted above the nations (Psalms).


Shana Murphy-Blog