I’ve been moving too fast.  Yes, right now as I write this I realize that my life has been moving at an unsustainable pace.  Have you ever come to the realization at some point in your life as you move throughout the day, your interactions with people and events were not meant to be remembered as a blur? It’s not that we’re unconscious of God and his leading, but just that when he does hint at us we may be going too fast to capture the fullness of his intent in that hint.  He may reach out to us through a spiritually minded phrase in conversation, a warm breeze across the face as you walk along, or a nagging feeling in your heart as you fall asleep.  God is not moving too fast, and he’s strategically positioned special moments where he intends his Spirit to illuminate our hearts.  Have those illuminations become temporal flashes of light as you speed along on a dark freeway?  Or are you willing to let them be a star that you stare at for 5 minutes alone on a quiet night?

Pastor Paul’s sermon series, “Running on Empty,” really hit home with me and reminded me that when we’re running on empty we know something’s wrong but don’t slow down enough to let that disillusionment change us.  Since we’ve already heard the sermon series, I don’t want to repeat it, but just give an idea for letting God slow us down and open our hearts to his continued affection.

One of the best ways I’ve found to help me process ideas that I value is to ask myself or others questions which shoot at the heart of the problem.  In one sense, I don’t really know where these will take you.   But I hope and pray that these questions will open up areas for you to evaluate your life and heart in ways that lead to change. Most of these are stated in the form of a prayer toward God, but some are just self-reflection.  When you read them, skim them first and then go back and meditate on one or two for at least a few minutes.  If you skim by and don’t stop, it’s likely you’ll miss the point of this blog and chalk it up as another tick off your list.  I also suggest taking a couple of these questions that strike you and write them down in another place that will challenge you.  Here you go…  start asking yourself…

  • What have I put on my plate that you (God) don’t want there?
  • Where am I compromising in life? In my work, family, or school?
  • If I were playing a sport, and was working toward a “win,” what would you qualify as a “win” in my life God?  How would you let me know I hit it?
  • When is the last time you tried to show me something but I was too busy to notice?
  • What in me do you want to forgive?
  • Which is the greatest relationship in my life at the moment that you have the most potential to use for your glory?
  • Which is the greatest relationship in my life at the moment that has the potential to do damage to myself or others?
  • Does anyone else know what happens in my heart and emotions? Have I let anyone in? Who do you want me to open up to Lord?
  • How do you want me to view prayer? As a contract? A freeway that I jump on and off of? A cloud of presence? A continual feasting? A rabbits foot on my keychain? A fire that I gather warmth from? Another analogy? Which analogy most moves me and what are it’s fallacies?
  • What has taken time from my time with you? What should I do to remedy that?

These are just a few questions to get you started on reflecting on your life with God. We all go through seasons in life, some more busy than others, but none of them were meant to be lived with a lesser dependence on the Lord than another. He is always calling us, always drawing us, always giving opportunity to abide in him and be closer. As I slow down this week and reorganize my time I pray that these questions will challenge you and help you open your heart to the Lord in a renewed way.