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Learning to Take Steps

Taking steps is complex.  Trying to design robots that actually walk like a human takes a lot of brain power and money.  The complex pattern of gaining balance, leaning forward, taking a step and not falling is harder than it... Continue Reading →


The Struggle of ‘Here to There’

Family Church has a rich history where we have experienced amazing growth, both spiritual and numerical. In 2011 we were identified as one of the top two percent of churches in the US that help people mature spiritually. In 2014,... Continue Reading →

Why Invite People to Easter?

Looking at the invite card in my hand, I contemplate how to pop the question. “Would you be interested in joining me at Church on Easter?” or maybe, “I’d like to invite you to our Easter service, here’s a card... Continue Reading →

Core Values: Spirit-led Serving

The power of volunteering is widely accepted to be of great benefit for both the person serving and the person receiving the benefits of that serving. Is serving in the church family just one more way to volunteer, or is... Continue Reading →

Core Values: Life Change

Values are the underlying motive for why we do things. It is easy to give lip service to things we say are important, but someone watching our life would observe that it rarely shows. Our second core value is LIFE... Continue Reading →

Core Values: Biblically Faithful

I remember a huge controversy in education came when teachers were using a life boat scenario to ask students which person they would throw into the water to certain death in order to save the remaining people in the boat.... Continue Reading →

Why A Blog?

Family Church is starting a Blog, but what is it and why start one? bläɡ/ noun "A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style."... Continue Reading →

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