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Josh Stolarz

An Intolerant Message

Over the years, people have reacted in a variety of ways when I was able to share with them that I was a Christian. Some immediately asked questions in order to learn more, while others quickly became agitated or uncomfortable.... Continue Reading →


Abhorring What is Evil

Recently, I was reading a portion of John Bunyan's classic allegory, Pilgrim's Progress. During a conversation between two characters, Talkative and Faithful, they began to discuss the marks of a person who is truly a follower of Christ; a person... Continue Reading →

Resolutions for a New Year

The beginning of a new year is usually seen as an opportunity to examine ourselves and determine what we may need to do differently in the upcoming year. This can be a helpful practice but is often seen as burdensome... Continue Reading →

When We Don’t Feel Thankful

I love the smell of crushed leaves underfoot, and air which is just cool enough to require a light jacket; plus there is just something about this time of year that makes it optimal for sitting down with a novel... Continue Reading →

Fiction and Theology

I was recently reading a story about a young girl named Jill, who is magically transported from our world into a mysterious forest with a stream flowing through it. When she sees the stream, it causes her to become extremely... Continue Reading →

The Driving Force of Reformation

When I think about the Protestant Reformation, an image immediately conjures in my mind of Martin Luther, an Augustinian monk, storming up to the Castle Church in Wittenberg, with an oversize hammer in hand; nailing his 95 theses to the... Continue Reading →

Why Study Church History?

When most of us think of October 31st we think about Halloween. Though many Christians are divided on what to do with this holiday, it is not my goal here to convince you one way or another. Regardless of what... Continue Reading →

Applying the Bible Today

All of us at some point have had a parent, a teacher, or a coach come to us with the intention of giving us advice or some nugget of wisdom. We can debate whether the advice itself was sound, or... Continue Reading →

The Bible’s Timeless Principles

Many people view the Bible as a mere historical document that may or may not have anything relevant to say to us in the 21st century. At the very least, we might be able to flip through the book of... Continue Reading →

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