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How to Understand the Bible

You sit down on the couch with your morning coffee and begin to take part in the great American pastime of Facebook scrolling. There are many concerns going on in your life right now; from a situation at work to... Continue Reading →

Three Steps for Bible Study

Once again, the pastor has given you a challenge during his sermon to spend time in God's Word. You know you should, but when he brings it up, there is a twinge of guilt in your mind because you aren't... Continue Reading →

An Unexpected Journey

What does a child with Special Needs look like? It looks like Katey, who kisses me on the shoulder in greeting, and loves movies and music. Trey, who always has a glimmer in his eye and a smirk of mischief... Continue Reading →

Core Values: Servant Leadership

One of the core values of Family Church is “Servant Leadership”. For many people it sounds contradictory in our culture.  Leaders are larger than life.  Leaders get results whatever it takes.  Leaders are rewarded by privileges for their hard work... Continue Reading →

The Value of Subtle Servants

One of the most amazing children's workers I've ever known, rarely worked with kids.  Barbara was not your typical children's worker, but rather a tiny little white-haired grandma in her 80’s that rarely spoke a word.  She was not necessarily... Continue Reading →

The Struggle of ‘Here to There’

Family Church has a rich history where we have experienced amazing growth, both spiritual and numerical. In 2011 we were identified as one of the top two percent of churches in the US that help people mature spiritually. In 2014,... Continue Reading →

Sitting in the Balcony

At the Sutherlin Campus of Family Church, our main auditorium has an elevated balcony behind the main floor filled with stadium style seating. This has always been my favorite place to sit during a weekend service. It might be because... Continue Reading →

Living a Life of Worship

About fifteen years ago, my band, Last Adam, was playing at a worship night for a church in Eugene, Oregon. There were two bands set to play that night, and when we agreed to play, we were under the impression... Continue Reading →

Knowing God’s Will

Over the last several weeks we discussed some of the primary purposes behind why we should invest our time reading God's Word. We looked at the fact that it is through God's revelation that we can know who God is,... Continue Reading →

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