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Fiction and Theology

I was recently reading a story about a young girl named Jill, who is magically transported from our world into a mysterious forest with a stream flowing through it. When she sees the stream, it causes her to become extremely... Continue Reading →

Hope for the Holidays

The air is getting cooler, the leaves are changing, and if you have walked into a store recently you can see that the holidays are just around the corner.  For some, the holidays are like a warm cup of cocoa... Continue Reading →

What If I Don’t Feel Like Singing?

Planning to attend their church’s 11:00am service, John and his family pull into the church parking lot at 10:58am. They are running late again because their two-month-old baby hasn’t been sleeping through the night, so he and his wife, Michelle,... Continue Reading →

The Driving Force of Reformation

When I think about the Protestant Reformation, an image immediately conjures in my mind of Martin Luther, an Augustinian monk, storming up to the Castle Church in Wittenberg, with an oversize hammer in hand; nailing his 95 theses to the... Continue Reading →

Fulfilling a Dream in Colombia

About 6 months ago I received a phone call that would change my life forever. "Hi, this is Suzy, I was calling to ask you if you wanted to be my traveling companion on a "Vision Trip" with Samaritan's Purse... Continue Reading →

Why Study Church History?

When most of us think of October 31st we think about Halloween. Though many Christians are divided on what to do with this holiday, it is not my goal here to convince you one way or another. Regardless of what... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Help Your Child Grieve

Ally was more than a pet cat, she was my 7-year-old daughters closest friend. She was lugged around the yard, dressed up and relentlessly hugged. Every day my daughter spent hours with Ally, so when I had the responsibility to tell... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Learned About Grief

Some things I’ve learned about grief I’ve read a lot of books on grief. I’ve studied and researched it, but mostly, I’ve lived it. On July 19, 2015, my sister Holly was killed instantly in a car accident. It was... Continue Reading →

What Defines Your Identity?

One morning early in my third-grade year, I was out playing at recess when Tyson Graham came up to me and asked me if I would like to play football.  I loved watching football and thought it would be an... Continue Reading →

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