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Living a Life of Worship

About fifteen years ago, my band, Last Adam, was playing at a worship night for a church in Eugene, Oregon. There were two bands set to play that night, and when we agreed to play, we were under the impression... Continue Reading →

Knowing God’s Will

Over the last several weeks we discussed some of the primary purposes behind why we should invest our time reading God's Word. We looked at the fact that it is through God's revelation that we can know who God is,... Continue Reading →

God Uses the Unexpected

God is amazing! He is amazing in so many ways, but what I want to focus on now is His amazing ability to minister and bring comfort to broken people in ways we would never expect. Let me tell you... Continue Reading →

To Flourish and Thrive

A few times a year at Family Church the Women’s Ministry puts together events we call Gatherings. As the name suggests it is a time for women to gather together. Togetherness is the first purpose of these events, in more... Continue Reading →

Knowing Our Identity

I have lost track of the number of personality tests I've taken over the years. Some of them were part of the hiring process for a new job, some were ministry related in order to better understand the gifts God has given... Continue Reading →

The Gift Of Apprenticing

Sometimes a question can change everything. On a Friday afternoon a few years ago, I was meeting with a friend of mine for our weekly mentor meeting. I asked him a simple question with no idea the impact that it... Continue Reading →

3 Lessons From Mexico

Each year I take teams to Mexico and I’ve come to realize there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all short-term experience. As we prepare for trips and return to share our stories, I am continually reminded of three lessons... Continue Reading →

Desiring To Know God

Have you ever hit it off with somebody so quickly that it felt like your personalities just clicked? Maybe it was somebody who developed into a life-long friend, or perhaps if the relationship was with someone of the opposite sex,... Continue Reading →

Praying For Neighbors

We had been living in our neighborhood for about 3 years. It had changed quite a bit in that short time, and many of the people we had spent time with had moved out or moved on. Our children are... Continue Reading →

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